Prompt: The morning started with a frantic shout and a very heavy thump. 

The morning started with a frantic shout and a very heavy thump. Alex shot awake and the loud noise coming from afar. He looked on the side of the bed where Bash had been sleeping, he wasn’t there. Alex sighed and pulled the covers off of him so he could get up. He stretched out his body and rubbed his eyes. He went into the bathroom and after sighed once again before walking down the stairs.

“What are you–” Alex began talking. He stopped after he saw the counter. 

“Morning, love. I must’ve been a bit noisy this morning, but I’m not very experienced with cooking,” Bash admitted. Alex skimmed the counter, it was a mess of flour all over, and batter smeared in different areas over the counter. The ingredients Bash used were not put away, but scattered all over. He watched as Bash brought him a big stack of pancakes on a plate. 

“What is this?” Alex asked. “You got up early to make me breakfast?” It was the first time that Bash ever cooked for him. It was Alex who usually cooked for either of them, Bash likes to help him though. “You must want something,” He looked at him skeptically.

Bash laughed and said, “No, not today. I figured I should do something nice for you. You already do a lot of things for me, I thought I’d return the favor.” Alex sat down with the plate of pancakes in front of him. He grabbed the maple syrup and poured it all over them, and began eating. Bash went to go sit next to him, watching him eat. 

“For your first attempt, these are pretty good,” Alex admitted. He gave a forkful to Bash’s mouth and he accepted it. “You should do it more often. Cook for me, I mean.” Alex smiled, and so did Bash.

“I love you,” Bash said. He put his hands underneath his chin to watch Alex eat some more. Occasionally, Alex would feed him some more, but Bash was content on how happy Alex was that he just let him eat. 

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