Prompt: “I cannot believe you stabbed me with a knitting needle.” 

“I cannot believe you stabbed me with a knitting needle,” I say jokingly. My grandma looks over at me and shrugs. 

“Oh you’ll be fine, my dear,” she cooed. I watch her needle thread in and out of the fabric, flowing perfectly. I love spending time with my grandma, she’s always brought me comfort, even if I didn’t know I needed it. She’s always been there for me, especially since my parents are usually absent.

We usually spend our afternoons baking or watching a day time television show because I had to be at school during the day. I didn’t really talk to anyone at my school or outside of it, so my grandma was my best friend.

“Honey,” she called for me once I was in the other room. “You better not let that bread burn, or you’ll have to make it again. You know how long it takes to make.” She reminds me. I have been baking with my grandma all day because she has an event in the next few days with her friends, but bread is the one thing that takes the longest to make because of letting it rise. 

After a long afternoon of baking, doing my homework while grandma knitted, it was time for me to leave. I was always sad when I had to because my parents wouldn’t let me stay the night or move in with her. They told me that if I did, they would never see me and that I needed to spend time with them when they were available.

I didn’t resent them for making those decisions for me. I think it’s probably best to give my grandma some time alone because everyone needs it; also because I have a good relationship with my grandma and spending all my time with her could start some tension. 

“Bye, Grandma!” I yell to her in the other room as I leave. I walk to the car and my dad drives away once I get settled. 

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