Writing Prompt #9

Prompt: “I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen and go back home now.” 

“I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen and go back home now.”  Alex said once that embarrassing moment happened. It wasn’t anything bad but everyone has those moments that you mess up doing something, or saying something. That was one of those moments. I like our relationship because when those types of moments happen we laugh, and it isn’t awkward at all. We’re so comfortable with each other and it makes me wonder how many relationships are out there that are this comfortable.

“I’ll miss you,” I tell him. He smiles at me but doesn’t say anything because his expression says it all. He closes the door behind him, and I go and clean the kitchen from the mess I made from dinner.

A while later Alex sends me a text.

I made it home alive. Can I come back now? 🙂

I smile and my heart melts. I write back:

Of course. I love you.

He sends another text back telling me that he loves me and to make sure I don’t stay up late. I have a bad habit of doing that but it’s how my brain functions. I need to write as much as I can because of due dates that I set up for myself. I write better when I’m under pressure. Tonight I write so much, and exhausted myself, that I end up falling asleep at my desk.

Writing Prompt #8

Prompt: “Just let me have like, three seconds to pretend everything is okay before we go back in there.” 

“Just let me have like, three seconds to pretend everything is okay before we go back in there,” I tell Detective Carver. He looks at me with concern but doesn’t say anything right away. 

“Fine, but if anything happens, I’ll step in,” He reassured. I nod and turn the knob on the dark grey, steel door. It’s cold to the touch, giving me a shiver down my back before I enter. I take a deep breath.

“Mr. Harrison,” I pause. He looks up at me deadpan. No expression. Nothing that allows me any hints to what he’s thinking. “Where were you on the night of the 26th of June?”

He doesn’t say anything for a few moments and then, “I already told you. I was working. I’m not going to be a broken record because you’re ignorance is blocking your hearing.” He spoke very firmly, no hesitations.

“How late were you working? Did you take any breaks and leave the building?” I ask him. I pull the metal chair out, scraping across the floor as I do so. I sit down to face him, waiting for him to respond.

“I didn’t leave the building until the time I left. I’m a lawyer, I have stacks of paperwork to go through. I don’t have time for a break. I probably left around 10, not entirely sure,” He said.

“You do realize that what you’re being charged for is a serious matter, and what you aren’t saying now, is probably going to affect you later?” I tell him, trying to see how he responds.

“I do realize. I’m not a detective, but I’ve spoken with dozens of clients. I’ve said nearly the same thing to them because it’s my job. I understand that you think I killed my wife, I didn’t because I was working,” He started to raise his voice. This tells me that there’s something bothering him, and it’s not grief. “Detective, let me ask you this, have you ever found your wife lying there, dead? Her pool of blood laying all around her?”

“No, I have not. I’m not married,” I respond. “That doesn’t mean you didn’t kill her.”

“I did not kill her. I loved her so much that I would-” He stopped. I look up at him, he’s getting emotional.

“That you what? Want to end her life?” I say. He goes back to a deadpan face after taking a deep breath.

“I want my lawyer, Detective,” He says.

Writing Prompt #7

Prompt: Write a story in all dialogue. 

“Order Up!”

“Can you cover for me tonight?”

“What is it for this time? Your man needs some loving or whatever?”

“My baby is sick. You know, not everything is about Hunter.”

“Only if it’s for your child. Not that low-life.”

“Here’s your pancakes, sir.”

“More coffee too.”

“You got it.”

“I’m tired of this place anyways, sometimes my baby is my only excuse to get outta here.”

“I got a life too. A loving husband, children.”

“Hah, doubt you’d spend time with them anyway. You’d be too busy playing whatever card game that could land you money.”

“Here’s some more coffee. How’re the pancakes?”

“They’re fine.”

“Oh, honey.”


“Don’t tell me you’re gonna have another one.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Another one in there.”

“Oh! Of course not! What makes you think that?”

“Have you seen your ankles? You’re on your feet all day, as am I. But my ankles don’t look like that. That’s what happened when you were having your first one.”

“That’s silly. I haven’t had time to have sex since I’ve been working and the baby.”

“You trying to tell me that you’re boyfriend hasn’t been pleaded you to have sex with him when he shows up drunk, or whatever the hell he’s been on?”

“Rosie, I know you don’t like him but Hunter isn’t a bad guy. I mean we might have had sex a few weeks ago, or whatever. I can’t afford another one right now anyway.”

“Welcome, what can I grab you to drink?



“Root Beer.”

“No, honey, you can’t have that. He’ll take water.”

“I’ll get that for you.”

“Just because you can’t afford another one, doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant.”

“Once I deliver these drinks, I’m outta here.” 

“I’ll take over but you gotta get tested. Molly, you can’t go walking around anymore ignoring it after today. Go to the drugstore and pick up one on your way home.”

“Whatever, I guess I’ll stop.”

“Molly, you know better.”

“Bye, Rosie. Have a good night. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Crazy ass girl, I tell you.”



Writing Prompt #6

Prompt: The morning started with a frantic shout and a very heavy thump. 

The morning started with a frantic shout and a very heavy thump. Alex shot awake and the loud noise coming from afar. He looked on the side of the bed where Bash had been sleeping, he wasn’t there. Alex sighed and pulled the covers off of him so he could get up. He stretched out his body and rubbed his eyes. He went into the bathroom and after sighed once again before walking down the stairs.

“What are you–” Alex began talking. He stopped after he saw the counter. 

“Morning, love. I must’ve been a bit noisy this morning, but I’m not very experienced with cooking,” Bash admitted. Alex skimmed the counter, it was a mess of flour all over, and batter smeared in different areas over the counter. The ingredients Bash used were not put away, but scattered all over. He watched as Bash brought him a big stack of pancakes on a plate. 

“What is this?” Alex asked. “You got up early to make me breakfast?” It was the first time that Bash ever cooked for him. It was Alex who usually cooked for either of them, Bash likes to help him though. “You must want something,” He looked at him skeptically.

Bash laughed and said, “No, not today. I figured I should do something nice for you. You already do a lot of things for me, I thought I’d return the favor.” Alex sat down with the plate of pancakes in front of him. He grabbed the maple syrup and poured it all over them, and began eating. Bash went to go sit next to him, watching him eat. 

“For your first attempt, these are pretty good,” Alex admitted. He gave a forkful to Bash’s mouth and he accepted it. “You should do it more often. Cook for me, I mean.” Alex smiled, and so did Bash.

“I love you,” Bash said. He put his hands underneath his chin to watch Alex eat some more. Occasionally, Alex would feed him some more, but Bash was content on how happy Alex was that he just let him eat. 

Writing Prompt #5

Prompt: It was random and silly and barely 1 o’clock in the morning, but they found themselves dancing in the darkened living room to no music and a whole lot of laughter. 

It was random and silly and barely 1 o’clock in the morning, but they found themselves dancing in the darkened living room to no music and a whole lot of laughter. Bash and Alex were drinking heavily to celebrate Bash’s accomplishment in getting a writing deal from his new publishing company. 

Alex had prided himself on making sure that Bash would receive an amazing deal just by giving him confidence. Bash stood up and walked in front of Alex and held out his hand. He took it and began dancing with him. He was awkward at first because he’s not used to doing weird, random things, but he wanted to with Alex. It wasn’t so bad after they started because it was just them, and he felt comfortable with him, especially in his arms. 

“I’m so proud of you, baby,” Alex whispered in Bash’s ear. He snuggled into his neck without a response. The silence was calming for Bash. The thoughts inside his brain ceased, at last; he felt at peace in a long time. He knew it wasn’t going to last long, but it didn’t care, he enjoyed it. He looked up at Alex and gave him a quick kiss. He didn’t expect him to kiss back as fiercely as he did. Bash pulled his hands through Alex’s hair, tugging a little, which he moaned in acceptance. Their lips moved in sync, moving their hands over each other’s bodies. After a few minutes, they stopped breathless.

“I love you so god damn much,” Bash gazed in Alex’s eyes. 

“I love you,” Alex kissed his forehead and smiled. The two began dancing again, this time with some alternative music from Bash’s playlist. By the time a few songs passed, they were so drunk and ready to pass out for the night. Alex was soberer than Bash, so while Bash couldn’t walk straight or take off his shoes, he helped him so he could comfortably sleep. Alex then curled next to him, and Bash woke slightly, enough to move to lay onto his chest and immediately fell back asleep.

Alex watched him sleep so peacefully. It has been a long while since Bash slept before him, not only that but so tranquil. He usually worries about him because he’s always so restless and tense, so being reassured allowed Alex to sleep more comfortably than usual.

Writing Prompt #4

Prompt: I stood in the front of my apartment, two feet from the sidewalk, and peered down into the sinkhole that appeared overnight. 

Jasmine stood in the front of her apartment, two feet from the sidewalk, and peered down into the sinkhole that appeared overnight. She stood there for a long while, waiting as if something would happen, but nothing did.

“It’s time.” A voice came from behind her. She felt a hand touch her shoulder which made her shiver. 

“I know,” she said flatly. She gave a long exhale and turned around. She faced the tall, dark man, and reached out her hand. “It’s been a pleasure, sir.”

The man didn’t say anything nor did he lend out his hand. Instead, he pushed her so she would fall inside the sinkhole. Jasmine didn’t let out a scream, she had prepared herself for what was to come. She let her body fall, she felt free for the first time in a long while. When she was nearing the bottom of the whole, she braced herself from impact, expecting to crash onto a hard floor. Instead, something stopped her inches from the floor, allowing for her body to stand up on her own, letting her feet touch the floor. 

“Welcome, we’ve been expecting you,” a dark shadow appeared in front of Jasmine. 

“Hello, father,” She greeted him. Her voice echoed throughout the cave. She could hear water dripping from behind her. Her eyes gazed upon the waterfall as she turned to look where the noise was coming from. The water was shimmering as it was falling down and through the stream. 

“Are you ready?” Her father questioned her, waiting for her to turn back around to face him. After a few seconds, she turned around and looked in his direction. 

“I’m ready to come home,” Jasmine assured. Her father gave her a nod, and she walked up the steps to meet her father’s hand, and they walked into the darkness.

Writing Prompt #3

Prompt: “I cannot believe you stabbed me with a knitting needle.” 

“I cannot believe you stabbed me with a knitting needle,” I say jokingly. My grandma looks over at me and shrugs. 

“Oh you’ll be fine, my dear,” she cooed. I watch her needle thread in and out of the fabric, flowing perfectly. I love spending time with my grandma, she’s always brought me comfort, even if I didn’t know I needed it. She’s always been there for me, especially since my parents are usually absent.

We usually spend our afternoons baking or watching a day time television show because I had to be at school during the day. I didn’t really talk to anyone at my school or outside of it, so my grandma was my best friend.

“Honey,” she called for me once I was in the other room. “You better not let that bread burn, or you’ll have to make it again. You know how long it takes to make.” She reminds me. I have been baking with my grandma all day because she has an event in the next few days with her friends, but bread is the one thing that takes the longest to make because of letting it rise. 

After a long afternoon of baking, doing my homework while grandma knitted, it was time for me to leave. I was always sad when I had to because my parents wouldn’t let me stay the night or move in with her. They told me that if I did, they would never see me and that I needed to spend time with them when they were available.

I didn’t resent them for making those decisions for me. I think it’s probably best to give my grandma some time alone because everyone needs it; also because I have a good relationship with my grandma and spending all my time with her could start some tension. 

“Bye, Grandma!” I yell to her in the other room as I leave. I walk to the car and my dad drives away once I get settled. 

Writing Prompt #2

Prompt: “I don’t care if you panic, just panic quietly.”

“I don’t care if you panic, just panic quietly,” She whispered. She held her gun tight in her hands, close to her body.

“I’m sorry,” I respond. My heart was beating immensely. The adrenaline was rushing through my body, and I’m still not ready. I look over to Marcy who’s determined to get the job done.

“On my count, we’ll go.” She begins to count, “One.” I can feel my chest rise. “Two.” I stop breathing. “Three!” She shouts, and we turn to bust down the door.

“Sit down!” I hear a women yell. I can’t tell if it’s Marcy because I can’t focus even though  I know she’s relying on me to help her. I try to shift my focus to what was happening.

A man was sitting on the edge of the couch, frantic, holding his hands up slightly. A woman was doing almost the same, except she was crying hysterically. I didn’t even realize I had my gun pointed at the man until he looked me in eyes and pleaded for me not to shoot. My heart sunk.

“Adam!” Marcy called for my attention. I snapped my head to look in her direction but held my hands steady. “I’m going to go look for it. If they move or anything, shoot them.” She said firmly and went into another room. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t concentrate very well. My arms moved from the man to the woman every time a saw them move even a little bit.

“What are you looking for?” The man asked hesitantly. I looked over at him.

“Something you stole,” I vaguely answered him. “Marcy, do you need help?” I questioned her. I heard no come from another room. I was getting tired of hearing the woman weep, and them whispering, “please.” My guilt was flooding in, but I knew I had to hold my ground until Marcy was done.

“Please don’t kill us,” The woman pleaded. “We have children!” Doing this already built a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I cannot even remember how I got forced into this situation to begin with.

“Adam! I got it!” Marcy waved the manilla envelope in the air.

“Now, let’s get out of here,” I demanded. She turned around and smiled at me.

“Oh, honey.” She gave me a sympathetic look. Before I knew it, I heard a gunshot, and everything went black.

Writing Prompt: #1

Prompt: “That doesn’t even begin to make it okay.”

“That doesn’t even begin to make it okay,” Alex snapped back. He put his head in his hands and took a deep breath. It took several minutes for one of them to say something again.

“What do you want me to say? I know I messed up. It wasn’t me!” ” Bash asked.  He didn’t attempt to touch Alex because he knew that it wouldn’t make things better so he slowly backed away towards the kitchen. “What can I do to make it up to you?”

“I know it wasn’t you!” Alex shot up. He walked over to Bash in the kitchen and stood facing him. 

“I wish things weren’t like this.” 

“I know, I don’t either. You need help.” 

“I know, but I-I can’t! I want to, b-but I can’t.” 

“Yes, you can. You just refuse to do it.” Alex conceded. He leaned over the marble countertop and rubbed his face with his hands. He sighed loudly and rested his head in his hands to look up at Bash.

“I’m scared.”

“I don’t know how much longer I can handle this. I need some space.”

“Baby, please don’t leave. Please.” Bash pleaded, gripping onto Alex’s arm. He pulled out of his grip and went back to the living room, grabbed his keys, stopped to look at Bash and proceeded out the door. Bash ran towards him, but stopped at the door and watched him walk to his car. Alex looked back at him for a second and continued on.