Facial Sketches

I was wondering what I was going to post about for art this week. I ran out of old things to post and was thinking of what drawing I was going to try to come up with the day before. I decided to get out my sketchbook and make drawings that I use to practice all the time when I drew a lot more. I wanted to get reacquainted with drawing and I didn’t want to pressure myself to make a full drawing when I wasn’t use to doing it. I know these aren’t the greatest, but that’s the point; they’re not supposed to be. I’m happy with them because I drew these from memory of how I remembered drawing these types of things and shading them. I want all you to realize that you don’t have to pressure yourself to do something right away, take a breath and start off wherever is comfortable for you.

Converse Shoes

I drew this during 8th grade one night. I got bored and decided to look up step by step drawings online and came across this design. It took me a very long time to get the shape of the shoes to how I wanted them. Even though the angles are a bit off, the detail that I put onto these shoes is pretty good. It’s simple but it gets the design style across.


I was skimming the shelves at a thrift store and came across a how to draw book. I didn’t touch the book for a long while and then one day I was flipping through the pages of the book, and decided to draw this cyclops because I wanted a challenge, and it didn’t seem overly complicated. I drew this in a couple days, for short periods at a time. I am surprised how well this drawing came out to be. Although it’s not perfect, it shows that I was capable of completing something from paper.


I found a tutorial video, which included a step by step guide on how to draw it. I took me a long while to outline this lion. I drew this when I was starting out how to add detail to drawings but it’s clearly not perfect. I had to continuously pause the video and go back a few seconds, or minutes to figure out how I need to draw the specific feature again, or how to add details.

Shaded Mouth

I believe I drew this between 10th and 11th grade. This drawing was my first attempt to sketch facial features. I can say I’m proud of how this turned out. It doesn’t look like much but for my first attempt at shading, I really like how detailed it looks.

Crying Girl

I can’t remember when I drew this; my guess is between 10th and 11th grade. I drew this from another step by step drawing I found online. I love how simple this is, the features aren’t in perfect condition, but the expression came across as it should have. I think this is one of my favorite sketches I’ve done.