CREATE A RULE: Choose one genre/category of books that you frequently talk about in tags and don’t use ANY books from that genre for answers. I plan to use books that I have talked about before, and not use them in this tag.

Print1. A book that is an exception when it comes to genres or elements in books that you don’t typically like.

Every Little Bad Idea – I usually don’t like reading books in verse, it’s just a good fit. I picked up this book and thought this was going to be an easy, boring read, but it wasn’t it was really good!


2. A book you enjoyed from a genre you previously held some stigma about.27833670

I don’t remember putting Dark Matter in any of my tags, so I’ll put it here. I typically don’t like science fiction, and my sister had just finished reading this and she loved it, and so I gave it a try, and I basically read it in two sittings because it was so compelling and so good!


51ryTHrc7gL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_3. A book you didn’t know was actually out of your comfort zone until you started reading it.

What Ever Happened to Interracial Love? I didn’t really like this story, it’s told in different short stories, and I feel as though the stories were supposed to connect somehow, and then they didn’t, so to me, it felt random, and it didn’t really have a point to them.


4. Pick a friend or BookTuber that motivates you to pick up books you might not normally be interested in. What is one book out of your norm that they convinced 51EstVXM1UL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_you to give a try?

One of my friends had referred me to read Lord of the Rings. I started it a long time ago, and never got into it, but the book still has caught my attention to read, so maybe I’ll pick it up sometime in the future.


51JKV0OgV3L5. A book that is out of your comfort zone that you would like to read.

The Nightingale, I love learning about history and different aspects of it, but for some reason, I can’t get into historical fiction novels as much as I would like to.



6. A book or genre so out of what you normally read that you’ll probably never give it a(nother) chance.

I’d have to say either short stories or playwrights, but I might read more playwrights in the future, but more so the whole short story concepts, which means a collection of short stories combined into one.

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