1 – What is your “Meh” book rating

About 3 stars. Meh is more of “It wasn’t terrible but wasn’t good either” so it gives a rating basically in the middle.

81tWhFdQroL2 – Book series that started “Meh” but ended up being really good

I think for this one would be Shatter Me because I read the first book and it was okay, and the more I read, the more I wanted to read the next books, and since I haven’t read Restore Me, I guess I can’t exactly say that it’s entirely good, but I have high hopes for the next one.


220px-Throne_of_Glass_series3 – Book series that started good but ended “Meh”

This book series isn’t officially finished, but it almost is. I would say Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas because it was promising but her books are very long, and dry. It’s detailed and well written but it’s so tiring reading them. I haven’t picked up Tower of Dawn because I’m not a fan of Chaol, and trying to read a whole 700 pages book that if it continues the cycle of dryness, it will be so hard for me to read.

4 – An overhyped author you think is just “Meh”

Honestly, probably Sarah J. Maas. She has really good writing and plot ideas, but sometimes there isn’t enough character personality to it, or vice versa. I don’t think it’s consistent. I’m hoping as I continue on with the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, that it isn’t a let down of Throne of Glass.

9780525478812_custom-7eb6cc16a8a3f2266865895e1718ac9e9d6232e0-s6-c305 – A book others think is “Meh” But you love

The Fault in our Stars is considered over-hyped and not that good because the way the characters talk is unrealistic with their metaphors. I loved this book when I first read this, and maybe I would change my mind if I read it now, but since I haven’t I’m sticking with that current opinion.



awake-by-natasha-preston.jpg6 – A book so “Meh” that you forgot the plot

I think for this one I’ll say Awake by Natasha Preston. I read this book a while ago and I think this book was a little messy, and at points, I would forget what the whole point of her going to the camp or whatever it was called.

7 – A “Meh” character that could easily be replaced

I know I keep referring to Sarah J. Maas’s books, but I guess I have just good examples. I think Manon or Chaol could be replaced. Or maybe just have different character personalities. Manon, I didn’t really see a point in adding her into the plot at all, so I never really cared about her story. And Chaol is just not good.

51stviwczzl-_sx338_bo1204203200_8 – An amazing book with a “Meh” cover

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things; I don’t particularly like this cover but I have no idea what it should be changed into.

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