Hello! Today I am here to have a small talk explaining how I rate the books I read as I do. Some of you may have been wondering the thought process as I’m reading the books, and ultimately decide on what rating to give.

I don’t have a very complicated way of rating things. I usually rate my books based upon my feelings towards them and how they make me feel while I’m reading them. It also depends on the writing style and how well the story was executed, and those factors also affect the way I feel about the book.

This is my opinion on how I rate the books I read if you don’t rate your books as I do, it isn’t wrong, your opinions are just as valid as mine are. 

Also, if you want to know more detail about how I rate books, let me know down in the comments or contact me via email or social media!

1 star: I hardly give a one star out but if I have to it would because I didn’t connect with the book at all and the writing style, characters and such wouldn’t be very well developed in my opinion.

1.5 stars: I would probably give it a .5 higher if I liked a character in the book, but overall plot and writing style fell very flat.

2 stars: I would rate a book higher based on if I liked the character or if the writing style was better but everything else fell flat.

2.5 stars: I would rate this less than three because although it was okay, there would be some element that would be lacking

3 stars: This is my usual rating, and I would rate it because everything was okay, I just didn’t have any sort of connection to the story. It wasn’t good or bad, it was just okay.

3.5 stars: If I liked a character or more, and it helped me to keep going with the story to make it more enjoyable.

4 stars: This is usually my rating if I really liked a book, it’s because I had a really good time reading the book, but there are things that I didn’t like about the book that would be impacted enough to change the rating lower.

4.5 stars: I would rate it higher than a 4 because I received more emotions and I would be too excited after finishing the book, but there was something that I didn’t like to lessen my rating.

5 stars: I rarely give out 5 stars, unfortunately. When I do, it’s because I was totally invested in the book, and it gave me a lot of emotions and feels.


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