Rating: 3 Stars

“It’s horrible being ashamed of someone you care about; it eats away at you. And if you let it get to you, if you give up the fight and surrender, eventually that shame turns to hate.”

I heard about this book a couple times and thought the plot was an interesting idea because it dealt with incest, more so with brother and sister.

I thought the story was pretty well thought out, the mother practically abandoned her children, leaving the older teenagers to take care of the younger ones. It is common that happens a lot in today’s society.

I thought that Lochan and Maya did a good job of handling their rambunctious younger siblings, even when one of the siblings turned to be a reckless teen, and refused to listen to either of them.

The problem that I had with this book was that the characters seemed immature in a sense that the way they talked didn’t sound how they normally would. It also seemed to be that the relationship between Lochan and Maya escalated, but it kept going back and forth a lot and it was annoying.

“You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.” 

The way that Lochan talked seemed a bit too mature for his age, even though he turned eighteen, he talked as if his character was much older as well.

As I said before, Lochan and Maya’s relationship kept going back and forth all throughout the book, of “I love you but this isn’t right”, but would continue to do the same thing, and they changed their mind almost every chapter.

The ending for me was a little disappointing. I know that incest isn’t accepted anywhere so it would be odd if they ended up together but the way it happened because when they got caught by their mother, they thought of a plan, which Lochan didn’t follow through, and what happened after that was very depressing, but I guess I can say that it wasn’t predicted.

Overall, this book was just okay. There were some aspects of the storyline that I liked, but how the writing style was especially the way the characters talked wasn’t what for me.

“At the end of the day, it’s about how much you can bear, how much you can endure. Being together, we harm nobody; being apart, we extinguish ourselves.”

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