I remember drawing this when I was probably in 8th grade. I used to help me draw this girl step by step, and I still really like this drawing today. What I like about the website is that it give you a guide to draw the whatever you want, but still continue to draw it in your own style.


This is a really weird drawing because when I was taking a drawing class in high school and we had to replicate a drawing of a horse based upon the lines and color from the sheet. I like this but I also feel like it’s way too muscley for a horse because this has too much definition in my opinion.


I was into a Disney drawing phase a few year’s back and I was trying to get inspiration to draw some characters. I really like watching Lilo and Stitch when I was younger, and my sister also still really likes Stitch. So, please enjoy this sketch of Stitch.

Kakashi Hatake

This is a drawing I did over my past winter break. I was inspired to draw Kakashi because my boyfriend really likes Naruto, and he was telling me to draw something. So here’s what I drew; I believe it took a couple hours to outline and shade. I haven’t done one of these types of drawings in a while.

Sam Smith

In my 2-D Imaging class my freshman year of college, we used Adobe Illustrator. For this assignment, we had to choose a celebrity and I chose one of my favorites, Sam Smith; and we had to use the same color, just tinted and shaded and mark the shaded and lighted parts of the celebrity to recreate an image of them.

Converse Shoes

I drew this during 8th grade one night. I got bored and decided to look up step by step drawings online and came across this design. It took me a very long time to get the shape of the shoes to how I wanted them. Even though the angles are a bit off, the detail that I put onto these shoes is pretty good. It’s simple but it gets the design style across.

Still Life – Value Drawing


This project was the last piece I created in my Drawing 1 class, during my first semester of college. I had to take up to 6 objects to take off the display in the center of the room. I feel as though the value of this piece is nicely done because you can see the difference in lights and shades between the objects. Value is  The lightness or darkness of tones or colors. White is the lightest value; black is the darkest. The value halfway between these extremes is called middle gray. I had issues with creating the shape of the can because the opening has to precise because if it isn’t it won’t look proportionally correct. I used vine charcoal for most of this piece, darken it with a black charcoal pencil and highlighted with a white charcoal pencil. Overall, I appreciate the progress I made throughout the semester, and it shows through in this piece.


I created this project in the sculpture class, senior year of high school. I had to create a design, that contained some kind of hole in it. I chose to go with a squirrel because I thought it was something simple. I started with a block of plaster and had to carve the squirrel shape out of it. It took a lot of refining and chipping to get it to the end result, but I am pleased with how it turned out.

Cardboard Elephant

This was the first project in my sculpture class, senior year of high school. The premise of this project was to create an animal that you had to be able to wear on your head. I chose an elephant because I thought the shapes would be easier to use. I used a lot of geometric shapes, mostly a hexagon. I used cardboard and masking tape to keep it together. I used strips of cardboard to put at the end of the trunk to replicate water. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the elephant because it wasn’t very sturdy, and even before the picture was taken, the trunk was falling apart.


I painted this picture in my senior year of high school for my drawing and painting class. This is my grandparent’s dog, Marley. I outlined the shape of the dog and the background and mixed paint to color it. The background isn’t very great because I didn’t think I could detail it as it was, so I simplified it. The shape of the dog isn’t perfect either, but for my first attempt at painting something in a long while, I’m pretty proud of it. So were my grandparents, they even had it framed.