This week I thought I’d skip doing a Book Tag and write about something that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

As you know, I’ve only recently started to read. I obviously haven’t read the books that many people have, especially on Booktube, Bookstagram, etc. I felt the pressure to catch up to reading some of the newer books that were out to keep up to date with them, but I also wanted to read the books that I have previously owned. I had so much pressure to read as much as can the first year I started getting into books, that by the end, I felt kind of burnt out from it.

I have recently watched another Booktuber’s video on the pressure within the book community. I absolutely agree with her points of view. As time has passed, the book community has become this competitive sport of, “who can read the most?” There’s so much pressure to read the newest books so we can all relate and share different reading experiences but they also put pressure on reading books considered classic or books that people should have already read by now, for example, The Hunger Games or Harry Potter.

At the end of the year, I didn’t want to have the pressure of reading so much. I just want to read. I have set my reading goal to 50, and I’m ahead of schedule even though I didn’t read for a good majority of the year because of college. And I think that’s fine, and it’s reasonable because other things get in the way of life. I would rather read less if that meant I wouldn’t be as stressed out because I’ve been using my time to read instead of actually doing my school work.

In my opinion, after giving it a lot of thought, I think people should read however they want to read. I want to clarify to you that it’s okay for how many books you read in a year, if it’s 10 books or 100 books and if you feel happy reading any of those amounts, that’s good. If you read 100 books because you feel pressured too, and it’s made you stressed out or miss out on something, I don’t think that’s okay because that’s also not a healthy mindset to have.

In my life lately, after struggling with mental health issues, I’m learning to do things that make me happy and setting up healthy mindsets for myself all the while battling these thoughts in my head. And I think if I stress myself out by the pressure of reading, I don’t think that’s healthy for me because subconsciously, it can trigger other negative thoughts inside my head. So, I want to encourage others to set up healthy mindsets, especially with a new coming competitive thing in the book community.

I also want to mention that also calls for re-reading books. I haven’t reread a book since I’ve started this path of reading because I always continue to read books I haven’t read just to keep up with other people. The thing is though, I want to reread books, it’s why I own the books I like, it’s because we want to read them again sometime, otherwise we read something, and never pick it back up again, but why waste money on something you only plan on reading once, and leave it on your shelf? I think the competitiveness to continue to read new books makes us feel bad for rereading books because that could lead us to fall behind others. So, if you want to reread a book, good, you found a book you enjoy, and you want to relive it for the second, third, however many times you’ve read it because it makes you happy. I encourage you to follow what you want to do.

I want to say that my blog is here to share the love of books, even if I didn’t enjoy them, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t because if you like a book that I don’t, that’s good because you saw more value in the story than I did, and that’s what books deserve. My blog is here to show value to all books, liked or not, and there shown to be recommended to others so they can find their own opinion on them.

I will say my last note, my goal for myself is that I want to read because I want to. I want to read books that are intriguing to me, and not because I feel pressured to read it because everyone else is. If I want to be lazy all day and watch tv and not focus on reading, that’s okay because I’m happy. If doing other things than reading, like other hobbies you have make you happy, then do them. Read when you want to, not because you’re “falling behind” everyone else. I encourage all of you to find your own personal reading goal, for yourself and not because of someone else.

Thank you for sticking through all of that, and if you have anything to say to this rant, please comment below. Whether you agree or disagree with me, I want to know your thoughts and opinions!

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