Hello! I hope you all have been having a great week. I have decided to do a harder challenge for myself, and test how well I really know my books. I wanted to do this challenge not only test myself but also make a video for it. I found it hard to make it as a post because a transcript of what was happening seemed boring and awkward to write a play by play.

So, I decided to create a video with my boyfriend, Eric helping me do this challenge. I also have been feeling as though my blog posts haven’t grasped my sense of personality the way I want others to view me. I think it gets hidden within my writing style so I felt that doing a video would bring out my personality more but also be able to do this challenge and make it so it’s not boring as just a blog post.

I want to make myself clear if the video quality isn’t very good because this is my first attempt to make a video with my camera. I have taken pictures for my blog with it but never video, so setting up audio, editing, and such have been very new with me but I still wanted to allow myself to learn.

I also had an issue while filming; I lost some footage, and I cannot figure out why so the last half of the video will be of us wearing different clothing and different lighting because I wanted to finish the challenge for you guys. 

**This sort of challenge is not my own, I have watched many videos of other people doing the First Sentence Challenge. Please let me know what you think and comment below if you want to see more videos!**

With that long ramble, I hope you enjoy this video:

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