Hello! Happy Friday everyone. I thought I’d switch it up and share a story I wrote a lonnng time ago instead of a writing prompt. This is very unfinished and probably not very good, but it still is something I would like to share.

The ride to their new house took longer than they expected, but as soon as they got there, Kat refused to get out of the car.

“Kat, get out of the car!” Her father told her as he was unloading the trunk.

“Why did we have to move? Couldn’t she have moved to our house?” Kat asked her father since the only reason they moved was that her father got a new girlfriend, and Kat doesn’t even know who she is.

“Don’t be so rude!” Her father tried to give her manners. Kat looked around but, she saw no sign of any woman, and the house lights were off.

“I don’t know this woman and you expect me to like it? And where even is she?” She doesn’t know what to think. A few seconds after she asked a car pulled up the driveway, a woman in the driver’s seat.

“Be nice, no if’s, and’s, or but’s.” He pointed his finger to her. Kat made a face. The woman got out of the car, carrying a briefcase.

“Mark!” The woman yelled Kat’s father’s name. She rushed to give him a hug, Mark didn’t seem very surprised. The woman turned to Kat, Kat didn’t look at her.

“You must be Kat. I’m Alice, it’s very nice to meet you, you know your father talks a lot about you but you look prettier in person.” She’s so polite, Kat just rolled her eyes.

“Isn’t that just cliché, I’m just going to unload the trunk.” She said her back turned on them.

“Kat! What did I just say?” Her father had a very displeased face.

“Mark, it’s okay. She’ll come around.” Alice comforted him. Kat let herself in the house before Mark and Alice got to the door. Kat stops as she walks in, she looks around and she just frowns. She sees wide open space; the room is plain and simple, earth tone.

“Do you two like the place?” Alice asks the both of them.

“Yes, nice and cozy,” Mark replies. Kat ignored them. She walked into the first room she saw and dropped her stuff there.

“I got my stuff, Mark you do yours.” Kat walked back into the room and slammed it.

“Young Lady! Get out here!” Her father yelled but she didn’t listen.  Alice walked over to him and gently tugged on his arm leading him to the couch.

“Mark. Dear, give her some time. It’s been a long day for her.” Alice comforted Mark. They leaned in closer to kiss one another.

“I haven’t even been in behind a closed door for five minutes yet and you’re already starting to make out?” Kat walked into the living room.

“It’s not like that.” Her father protested. Kat just rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. By the way, since we moved, I need to know when I’m going to school.” Kat had said.

“I planned ahead and so you can start tomorrow. The principal picked out your schedule so you don’t have to worry about that.” Alice told her.

“That’s very kind of you.” Her father smiled.

“Wow, I’m going to love it here!” Kat said sarcastically as she was walking back into her room.  Alice and Mark decided to go to sleep because it was really late, and hinted to Kat that she should too, but she didn’t listen.

The next morning Mark pushed Kat out of her bed and then walked out of the room. “What the hell!?” She stood up off of the floor and walked out.

“Breakfast?” Alice held out a plate offering it to her. She gave her a dirty look and shook her head.

“Hurry up; you got twenty minutes before we leave.” Her father reminded her. Kat walked to her room.

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