Rating: 3 stars

I want to give a thank you to NetGalley for this arc in exchange for an honest review!

I read the synopsis for the book briefly and said alright, I’ll request it. I went into this book with no expectations because I only heard about it from NetGalley. It was an okay book, I still enjoyed reading it.

I really liked the character development with Julian because he starts out in a bad place because he doesn’t want other people to find out he’s bisexual, so we learn about his journey dealing with the fact that he can’t hide his feelings about it.

The beginning was fairly slow-paced, but once we got around the 40% mark, it picked up. The side characters weren’t really any special. I felt like Julian and Sky were kind of average characters. The relationship between them I did like because it was cute and a nice addition to the book.

I also liked the fact that the book accepted that not having sex was okay and that you don’t need a relationship solely with sex. With that, it talked about if you’re not ready to have sex with the person you are with, it’s okay. I feel like that doesn’t happen in a lot of YA romance books often, and it was a nice touch in this one.

Overall, it was okay. The characters were average nothing special. I found myself thinking “Oh that’s so cute!” a few times, but nothing was jaw-dropping. I think that the plot in the book was nice, nothing was left unmentioned; everything happened for a reason. It was just something that was nice and easy to read.


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