emberI really like both of these covers. The US version shows more of the landscape and details on their city. The UK version is just more of character relationship. I think the tie with the UK looks better because there isn’t anything extra besides the characters. I feel like the US cover, you get a little lost, as it goes further down.


images.1This one is hard to decide because they both fit the book well. I think I like the US cover just because I think it gives off a stronger feeling within the book.




893991_369427116499830_2059007535_oThese two covers are practically the same except for the color change. I think I like the UK cover more because the white adds a separation to the colors. I also think that it shows more boldness and strength within it.



spusukThis one is also hard to decide because one cover is realistic and the other one is just like a cutesy cover. I’m kinda leaning towards the UK cover just because I feel like it fits the story better and it is more directed towards that it’s about traveling.



512-aldvAsL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_8562359a3827cb627755ab53d9544339I really like the UK cover for this because I think it shows more of what the vision looks about the Paper Towns and the meaning behind it. While the US version is mostly related to the overall plot of the story, but I feel like the UK cover has more story behind it that captures me more.

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