Rating: 2.5 stars

I want to give a thank you to NetGalley for this arc in exchange for an honest review!

I went into this book not knowing that much about it, which is how I normally go into books. The beginning was okay, I was mostly entertained but by the time it got to the second half of the story, it wasn’t as good anymore.

This story is told by a girl named Shane’s perspective. She’s destined to be in a doctor after college because her parents have been trying to perfect her life in order to make sure that happens. However once Shane goes abroad to London, she switches majors to focus on writing for the time being, which she has to lie about to her parents. While she’s in London, she makes a lot of close friends, and almost develops a relationship with a boy named Pilot. Once things don’t turn out the way it was supposed to, Shane and Pilot meet again 6 years later just to turn back to 2011 once again to redo their experiences.

I thought that this was going to be better than it truly was. The one thing that was hard to get through was the writing; the writing style didn’t mesh well with me. It felt very unprofessional to me. The dialogue was unrealistic, the phrases, and the communication, it all seemed very forced. It also just seemed like a fangirl was talking about her favorite things most of the time. It was easy enough to get through reading this novel without many details.

Another thing that bothered me about this book was the characters because the author seemed to be trying to get Shane and Pilot together; it was really weird because, in the beginning, it was like insta-love, but then they didn’t talk for the majority of the time they were abroad. After 6 years, Shane boldly goes to Pilot’s office and brings up the past although nothing happened, besides the fact that she had and still has a crush on him. Even when they go back into time, the same thing happens essentially, until the end. It seemed to me that the book was going to be more romance based, but without directly showing the romance, it was still there.

Besides the romance aspect, the one thing that bothered me about Shane and Pilot was the fact that although they are 6 years older, they haven’t matured at all. They stay 26 or 27 when they go back in time, but the dialogue hasn’t shown any improvement as one would assume that they would. Also, if they went back in time, I assume that it would have roughly the same events happen unless either Shane or Pilot change them but it was rather different from what happened during the first part, which I feel was unrealistic.

One thing that I did like was that Shane was willing to put her relationship on hold while she figured out what she was doing with her job, and how to handle the problems with her parents, and she was focusing on herself, which was nice. I honestly think that the romance was unnecessary if the author continued on with this kind of attitude because I think the romance only distracted this point.

I also liked Shane’s friendships that she made while she was abroad, and how she still maintained some of those friendships afterward. In the beginning, I could relate to her a little bit with not having friends, but I lost that connection throughout the novel, which is a good thing on her part because Shane obtained friends and ultimately did what she wanted to do in life.

Overall, I felt that this book wasn’t for me. The writing and character development were very underdone and this book has a good plot, but because of the lack of those elements, it fell flat, unfortunately. It was entertaining in some aspects but in the overall view of this book, it wasn’t what I wanted out of reading something like this.

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