This project was one of the last projects I had to do in my senior year of high school sculpture class. The objective of this project was to create a ceramic bust, but the idea must be from an idiom. So for this to make sense, the idiom I chose was, “Bite off more than you can chew.”

This is the setup structure for the bust. It was covered over plastic, that has a pipe and newspaper to help maintain the shape. Which had to be taken out at the end of the project, so it can be fired.c
This is an updated picture that shows the eyes added and the nose. The eyes took me multiple tries to get it the shapes I wanted it to be.
Another updated picture. I smoothed out the nose, added a mouth and put a bunch of clay to build up the cheeks.
The end result. I had a few mishaps after the bust was fired; the mouth fell off, as you can see by the dark crease around it, but also the ear fell off, but no damage was made to it. I had to glue the pieces back on, which wasn’t so bad. I also had to paint it, as a part of the assignment but the black colored looked terrible and so I removed it and decided that the cream color with little indents of black adding to the character.

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