Rating: 3 stars

“If there was something strange in your neighborhood, you could, um, write the Society a letter, and they would promptly send an agent to take care of it.” 

I went into reading this book with thinking this book had the potential to be even greater than My Lady Jane because I was rather impressed of how well that book turned out because I had fairly low expectations of that book. But this, I was very disappointed with it.

I felt as though nothing really started to happen until it was halfway through, and so the beginning was just some set up for what happens later on, and I think this book could have been condensed into 300 or so pages instead of 450. In the end, I felt that it dragged on for longer than it really needed too; I found myself saying, “I have this much to read still?”

I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the main characters since it’s based on three, Charlotte, Alexander, and Jane. I think out of those three, I liked Charlotte the most, I found she had more character to her than the others. I, however, loved Helen, I think without the comical relief she brought, it wouldn’t have been as good. She was the equivalent of the little angel on the shoulder trying to get Jane to do the right thing and steer away from trouble.

I loved the writing in this story, it was formal but not too complex to have to push through to read it. This was a fairly fast read, and I was happy that I didn’t have to read Jane Eyre before reading this one, so it didn’t change my reading experience, and I don’t think even if I had read it beforehand, and probably understood the “inside jokes” inside this story, it would have influenced my rating.

I was also disappointed in the fact that it says there’s romance in this book, but it made it sound like it would be all throughout, but in reality, the only true romance we see is in the last twenty pages, and by then, I don’t even know if that was needed because we went for so long without having any. I also don’t know how I feel about the implied romance at the very end, maybe it was just to give Jane some hope after what she had gone through previously in the novel.

My rating is still set as a 3 because although it did disappoint me, and there are more things I didn’t like that I did, I still kept reading because it still captured my attention, and the whole ghost situation was interesting enough to me.

Overall, this was a pretty underwhelming story, and I wish that the plot had been either condensed or was set out evenly throughout this book, but it didn’t. I think that if you loved Jane Eyre, you might still like this book.

“Miss Eyre, listen to me. I believe there is a string below your rib, and it stretches across class and age to me, and it is attached beneath my rib. And if you find another suitable position, and leave me, you will pull it out. And I will bleed.”

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