Rating: 4 stars

I want to give a thank you to NetGalley for this arc in exchange for an honest review!

“Which is a bad idea,
I point out.
And so what?
Layla says.
Sometimes it’s a
good idea
to act on a
bad idea.”
 So, I open this book up, and I see that it’s in verse. I say to myself, “Oh no..” I say that because of my experiences with novels written in verse, aren’t that great. The last book I read in verse was mediocre and I didn’t connect with it, and books written in verse don’t agree with me.
But then.
I read this book. This has redeemed my verse reading experience. This tells the story of a girl named Skyler who’s mother is determined to protect her against bad boys because that’s who they attract. Her mother also wants her to go to college so she can have a future, but all of that changes when she meets Cole Baker.
 I won’t say too much about the details of this book just because the less you know, the better this book will be, and this book is short and sweet, and to the point. I think that this is very well developed story in the fact that, it shows what a dangerous relationship can potentially be like, and has a good overall message.
I think the characters aren’t too in-depth written but the way the author introduces them and describes them in verse, but you get a sense of their personality and that’s all you really need to know about them.
I also enjoyed reading about Skyler and her mother’s relationship and how close they are. Even after Skyler messes up, their relationship gets rocky, but eventually repairs itself because they are able to forgive one another.
 Overall, this was a pretty well written, straight to the point, enjoyable novel. I think that this should be shared with everyone.
“and realized I looked
like a whole new person.
Not Skyler Wise.
Wise One.
like a bird,
like a hot-air balloon,
like a dragonfly
beating its wings
to fly so high.”

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