Rating: 2 Stars

“The fact was, by the time she got to high school, being weird and proud of it was an asset. Suddenly cool, Blue could’ve happily had any number of friends. And she had tried. But the problem with being weird was that everyone else was ‘normal’.”

I heard a lot of good things about this book and it made me curious so I decided to pick it up one day. In the result, this book is definitely not for me, which is disappointing.

I was confused by this book a lot, I had to reread so many things over again, and sometimes I still didn’t understand what happened. The way it’s written isn’t particularly bad but the characters felt a little flat to me. There also were a lot of characters introduced all at once so it was hard to keep up with who was who and specific details of what their character was.

I think the idea of Blue being unable to kiss anyone unless they die is interesting because it’s going to be more predictable that she’ll find the one and risk it and they won’t die, but I wish there was some other interesting aspect to that curse.

I also felt that the way Blue met the Raven boys was weird because it wasn’t a typical way that teenagers meet each other because Blue can sense death and the whole confusing thing with Gansey which led him to her house to be looked into by her mother, a psychic who can tell the future of their death.

“He smiled tolerantly at her. Rubbing his smooth chin its recently assassinated chin hairs, he studied her. She barely came up to Ronan’s shoulder, but she was every bit as big as he, every bit as present.”

I also just felt that there were other smaller stories going on besides the main plot and I found that it was hard to keep up with all of it. It was as if the author was trying to make a character based story within the main paranormal story.

I felt that the relationship that developed between Blue and Gansey didn’t have any chemistry between them. I felt that Blue hung out with all the boys equally, maybe Ronan and Gansey a little more but regardless, it didn’t seem as though any connection was happening.

Also, the story of Noah and him being a ghost was interesting and confusing because he looks real the group but is actually a ghost and can disappear whenever. I was confused by the whole reason they found out and how they are going to continue the search.

Overall, this book was not for me and was quite confusing for me to be able to continue to read this series.

“There was nothing particularly intimate about the way they sat, but something about the scene made Gansey feel strange like he’d heard an unpleasant statement and later forgotten everything about the words but the way they had made him feel.”

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