I wrote this chapter in the first semester of my freshman year of college, and I had this big idea of writing about this girl who has OCD and anxiety, and she meets this boy that would help her ease her mental health, to get help. While this boy would be dealing with his own. So basically a romance. I, unfortunately, lost all motivation to continue with this story and idea. So, I thought I’d share with you all something that was once started but never continued.

Chapter one

        I slammed the book closed for the third time in the last half hour, and threw it towards the end of my bed next to my cat, Shadow, making her jump. Although I’ve read the page three times, I have the urge to read it again. What if I miss something important now and then later on? I need to know it! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve reread pages of a book before even finishing it. My friends know how I read books, so they’ve timed me on how long it takes me to fully read a book, and move onto the next one. The last book I read was, Wuthering Heights, but I had to finish it sooner because I had to read it for English class. It took me about two weeks. I over-examined that book just so I wouldn’t miss anything that could possibly be on the test, and so I could participate in the class discussion.

“Annie! You’re going to be late if we don’t leave now.” My mother yelled. I quickly changed into my work uniform. A white shirt with black pants and I ran out of my room.

“Coming!” I shouted as I ran down the stairs. My mother was already waiting for me in the car. I would drive myself to work, but getting in the driver’s side has caused more anxiety attacks than I need. My parents both agreed that driving isn’t what I need to work on anyways. They’re slowly getting me help with my anxiety and my OCD. I think they haven’t fully committed to getting me a therapist yet because they haven’t accepted my mental illnesses yet.

After a short ten minutes, my mother pulled up to the entrance door to the diner, and I jumped out of the SUV and said “goodbye” to her. I pulled open the door, and the bell rang loudly on top of the creaking door.

        “Hi, Annie.” Debra welcomed me. I mumbled back a “hello” to her. I went into the back room to grab an apron. My boss, Dennis was sitting at his desk, as usual but there was a guy, looking around my age standing in front of him. I try to avoid them, and as I get to the door, Dennis calls me back. I turn on my heels and stride towards his desk.

        “Annie. Oliver. You’re going to train him in tonight. Alright?” He announced. He turned back to look at Oliver. “You pay attention to her, and do as she says, understand?” Oliver nods. We get the go-ahead from Dennis to begin working.

I am so nervous, I have never trained anyone in before. Debra is more than capable to do it. What if Dennis is testing my ability? What if I’m not good enough? I realize that I haven’t said anything to Oliver in five minutes, and he’s just standing there looking at me.

        “Are you okay?” Oliver asks me. I glance at him, trying to think of something to make this less awkward.

        “Uhm, okay the first thing…um, when someone calls, we answer saying ‘Old Town Diner, how can I help you?’” I pause. I realize my hands are shaking as I grabbed the menu off the counter. “Here’s the menu, abbreviate it as though we are able to understand it. The cooks aren’t particularly picky, as long as they get the order right.” I’m doing okay so far, I think. I hand him the menu, and my shaky hands miss his. I just let him grab it himself. I avoid his blue-green eyes, that was staring at me.

        “Am I in charge of the phone today?” He questions. I freeze, I didn’t know the answer to that. What if Dennis told me, and I didn’t pay attention? I didn’t want to go back to ask because what if he thinks I’m unworthy of being a worker here.

   “He’s just watching you work for today. Talk him through different scenarios between orders. I’m taking the tables today.” Debra intervenes, thankfully. I go on to explain some of the normal orders to expect like, our burgers and fries, our fried chicken and in the morning, waffles. When the phone started ringing, I jumped.

         “Old Town Diner, how can I help you?” I answered shakily. The man on the phone told me his order fast, so I had to triple check his order because I don’t want to get anything wrong.  After I totaled his order, we hung up. I sent the order back.

        “Do we really need to check the order that many times?” Oliver asked. I could feel my cheeks burn.

         “Uh… Err, no. As long as the customer has confirmed the order once, you should be fine.” I clarified. “Do you have any questions?”

        “What’s your phone number?” He queried.

   “My w…what?” I stuttered. Oliver laughed, showing his perfect teeth. Dennis came through the back door and walked to us.

   “Since we’re slow tonight, I’m letting Debra go home early. Can you both handle closing up tonight?” Dennis questioned. I haven’t closed by myself before.

        “I think we can handle it.” Oliver intervened. I quickly glanced at him in surprise.  

        “Perfect. Here’s the keys. Goodnight.” Dennis hands me the keys and went through the back door, with Debra following.

        “Goodnight guys!” Debra shouts before going through the door. I hear Oliver mumble it back to her.

        There were only a couple more phone calls after they both left, and one more table. Oliver dealt with the till and getting the orders for the customers, while I was busy.

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