Rating: 5 stars

“He smelled good. Sweat and motorcycle and wintergreen. No stinking weed smoke. No perfume. No sadness. He smelled like love.” 

This book ruined me. It took my heart and stomped all over it, and then attempted to mend it all back together.

This is one of my favorite books of all time. Honestly, it is so hard to put into words because this book has opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t have thought of. This book is so realistic, it’s hard to believe at some points of this book that it’s fiction.

This book is told from multiple perspectives, from Wavy’s, Kellan’s, and Wavy’s teachers, cousins, grandmother, and even a judge.  I think the different perspectives help guide the readers into Wavy’s world, and not just her telling her own story. I think it gets a sense of depth of how other’s perceive her life, and not how she views her own, because there’s a saying, “no two people have the same life experiences.”

This book is very controversial because of the relationship that Wavy and Kellan have. Kellan is much older than Wavy, and it is also illegal to have any kind of romantic relationship because Wavy is underage. I understand that it is wrong, but people go into this book thinking that it’s wrong and they don’t feel the real emotion behind their story, which makes me angry because I think everyone should go into books having an open mind. Another issue I have is that they consider Kellan a pedophile, which is incorrect because he is not attracted to children, he is only attracted to Wavy, who happens to be younger.

This book made me question whether or not it was wrong for their relationship because I fell in love with them and it was a battle. My decision at the end was me rooting for them because they’ve gone through so much and they totally deserve each other. The age, in the beginning, was a little harder to commit to, but she grew up. She was an adult and Wavy’s mind was clearer and more mature, and she still wanted to be with him. After all of that, how could I deny their relationship anymore?

“Girl that age ought not to have so many troubles, but she did. Looking at it that way, them two was about made for each other.” 

I will say that the content of this story is so vulgar but so raw. At some points, it was quite disturbing but I think that’s why I liked it so much. Not that I could relate but it opened my eyes to see that people actually go through these kinds of things, and it was so realistic, it was so good and enjoyable to read.

I think the twist in this story was interesting because the story took place around Wavy and Kellan, and how their relationship develops, so I neglected to think about the character’s in the background. The death of her mother, Val, and father, Liam was sudden, and I think it was needed in a sense that it was a distraction or a break that Wavy and Kellan needed because they were so involved with each other, they forgot about Wavy’s way of life. As this happened, they were interrupted in a sexual moment which separated them for many years, as Kellan is arrested.

A little side note: I do appreciate Wavy’s attempt to save Kellan from being a suspect in her parent’s murder, although the court scene was very uncomfortable for me to read.

I was thrown off when I discovered that their uncle, Sean was Donal’s father. I think that the situation was quite reasonable for how unstable Val’s relationship was with Liam, that she would cheat on him. I do think it was a bit harsh that Donal was taken away from Wavy because although she couldn’t support him, they had a strong relationship ever since he was born because she had a responsibility into taking care of him.

I wasn’t a fan of the ending of this book. I understand the dedication for Wavy to be with Kellan, but how the ending was phrased, I had to re-read it a few times to understand what had happened exactly. It was worded very oddly, that it didn’t give me a satisfaction that it was finished, but had the elements to end it nicely.

“I liked learning things. How numbers worked together to explain the stars. How molecules made the world. All the ugly and wonderful things people had done in the last two thousand years.”

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