Purpose of My Blog »

I have always wanted to be more involved with books and reading, to have a greater diversity in the genre of books that I read so I can grow and understand more, and I hope to continue reading until the day I die. But before that happens, I want to express how I feel about the books I have read already, and talk about ones I want to discover next.

I plan to be more connected to what I’ve read and to share with others my unique mindset and viewpoint on books, which I post under the Book Review section. My plan is also to include monthly wrap-ups, so I’ll post what books I read during that month. I will also post something under the Bookish Posts tab every Tuesday. Under my Book Haul tab, I will post something when I have collected some books, I don’t buy books every month.


I started my first year of college studying and creating art, but although I am not currently majoring in it anymore, I still plan to grow in my artistic ability; I wish to share with you all my past and future creations. I will post any drawings or similar works as I have already posted, and as time goes on I hope to see progress in my drawing skills. I will also make an art post every Friday! I will take requests to create something as well, so if you have any ideas, let me know!


I have different blocks of where I am in a writing mood, so I will post stories, either finished or unfinished. They will most likely just be chapters because I probably won’t continue on writing about them, as my mind changes what I want to write about. I will post writing prompts every Friday! The writing prompts I plan to do will hopefully spark more creative things in my writings so maybe I will post different writings later on.

I will also post writings from the past as well, so if I come about those writings, I will show them to you. Since I am going to study English, and hopefully major in it, I should have more writings. I am always willing to receive feedback for writing critiques or comments on how to improve my writing.